Sale in the Shop – 25% off

I don’t really like to spend time blogging about the shop.  Many of you have already bought shirts and it makes me so happy when I run into someone wearing one of the shirts.

As you may know, I work for Spreadshirt, which manages all of the t-shirts now.  I talked the marketing team into a sale for blog readers until March 31st, I like to refer to it as the Super Secret Blog Sale.  So anyone who orders from Spreadshirt shop can save 25% off their order.  Just enter the code SecretBlogSale at checkout.

I also added some new items to the shop some kids sized t-shirts and aprons too.  You can even choose the color of the t-shirt.

As always we would love to see pictures of you in your IheartPGH gear so send them in.


Lindsay has been writing about Pittsburgh since 2005. She likes pretzels from the Pretzel Shop on Carson St., used book stores, her rollerblades and she hopes to learn to skateboard someday soon.

  • Aurora

    What about I heart Pgh shirts in ladies styles? I'm not talking pink here, just a more flattering shirt for women.