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(Things to do while making visual aids for the presentation…)

(NOTE: Just a couple quick ones for now, more a little later. See, things are busy what with all the repairs I’m making to the loading dock area of the lavishly-appointed headquarters. We had a small “incident” with a truck that was off-loading Lindsay and Natalia’s gin allotment for the month. We store it in an on-site, underground tank. Of course it’s fully-licensed by the PA DEP. I’ve got the paperwork right here behind this crisp one hundred dollar bill, officer…)

Friday, February 23
The Big Throw Back , 10:00 p.m., Brillobox, Penn/Main
brilloAhhh… The name is Brillo, Baby!

The monthly funk fest rolls on, and James still ain’t in the ground. I’m gonna suggest to Maestro Omar Abdul and Co-Conspirator J. Malls that we have a bake sale, or a car wash, or something so we can pay for lawyers to act on our behalf and put James in a final resting place, if only to give all of us a place to travel to and pay our respects, sort of a much funkier Graceland. I’ll open the souvenir stand, and sell sequined capes in various sizes for people to wear home, but then throw off and come back, and then put back on to go home, and then throw off to come back while people cheer over and over and over.

The gig starts at 10, 3 dollar bill y’all. .

The Lunch Club Happy Hour , 7:00 p.m., Bar Louie, Station Square
They sent this to me telling me that they’re doing it “Because drinking alone is…lame.”

Apparently, hey’ve never experienced the joy of getting tight all by yourself while sitting on your army surplus cot in your fifth floor walkup in the village under a bare bulb and listening to Sinatra records while repeating to yourself “They’re all after me, I know it, I just know it.” Right? I mean, we’ve all done that, haven’t we?

We have, right? No?

Well, regardless, the Pittsburgh Lunch Club is the local chapter of the larger social networking site “The Lunch Club” which says it ain’t about the hookups, so right there, I mean, bad marketing. There’s a reason Tom sold myspace to Fox and skated out on all the emo kids with a half billion pieces of silver or whatever it was strapped to his Web 2.0 back… Still though, seems like a good idea, a way for people to network a bit, get out and press the flesh, even if said flesh-pressing is meant to be platonic. They’d like you to register for the local chapter, but I would imagine if you just showed up and said hello, they’d probably be ok with that. They’re getting together out front of the place at 7 and then heading in, If you get there later, ask for “The Lunch Club” and you’ll probably be pointed in the right direction.

Saturday, February 24
An Evening With Gene Collier, 9:00 p.m., Cefalo’s Nightclub, Carnegie
Mr. Collier is one of the best writers in the city, and the PG is lucky to have him, or maybe we’re lucky the PG has him. Consistently creative and funny, his ability to take you down the expected hallway of sports columnist cliche and then make a 90 degree turn away from reality into the absurd makes him a pleasure to read every time. Not to mention, he’s written a play. Well, have you? Right then.

His comedic mind goes on display tonight at Club Cefalo in Carnegie, a short jaunt dahn the Parkway West. The MacYapper, fresh from his attempt to out Pitt Girl, is a “special guest”, and two local comedians hand-picked by the Right Honorable Judge Rufus Peckham fill the opening spots. 10 bucks gets you admission to the gig, and that’s a bargain at twice the price if once it was twice the price it was on sale for half off. Bonus points if you show up as “Carbon Man*” to get an autograph.

(*Ask Gene when you get there.)

“There Was A Time”, 10:00 p.m., Remedy (aka Ray’s), Lawrenceville
Flier_with_rekkidGit Aht loves the Soulcialism event every month, and I also love the Big Throw Back, and I also love funk and soul music. All of these things come together in a sweaty, beer-soaked perfect storm of Deep Funk & Northern Soul at Ray’s Blue Marlin Remedy in Lawrenceville. A half dozen DJs spin tonight, notably Juddy from Soulcialism and DJ Malls from BTB, and they’re bringing others in from ahtta tahn (Philly, which I dig because I’ve always been a fan of the Philly Soul) and way ahtta tahn (London, which I dig because I dated a British woman once and I could’ve listened to her talk all day and night with her South London accent. I mean, her reading the back of a cereal box was a turn on, y’see…).

Ray’s, err, “Remedy”, is a good place to have a beer, or at least was when it was Ray’s. I’m not sure what’s going on here, if it’s been a wholesale change in ownership, or the name “Remedy” is just tacked onto one or two of the upper floors. Whatever (Whichever?) the case, they’ll still have beer, and tonight they’ll have good, solid, DJ-spun music that’ll make you dance.

Because Knowing Where To Go (and drink) Is Half The Battle
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    Ray's is now under new management/ownership. The old owners moved to Florida… one too many snow storms I suppose.