Looking for some Pittsburgh wisdom

I am looking for some ideas of wise Pittbsurgh sayings for t-shirts and other gift items. At Spreadshirt we are setting up a shop, Washable Wisdom, that sells t-shirts, hats, aprons and other items with wise sayings. Last week I was, once again, talking about how great Pittsburgh is, so we want to add a section to the shop for local wisdom. Of course, since Spreadshirt is in Pittsburgh, we will start with Pittsburgh. Does anyone know of any wise sayings that refer to Pittsburgh? Or any quotes of wisdom from famous Pittsburghers? Please share.

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  • dw

    Why not use quotations from prominent Pittsburghers of the past and present including:
    Andrew Carnegie, William Pitt ("Poverty of course is no disgrace, but it is damned annoying."), Mellon (to whom "Gentlemen prefer blondes." is attributed), Andy Warhol, the playwright August Wilson, Mary Cassatt, Fred Rogers, Terry Bradshaw, Roberto Clemente, etc. You'll find more famous names with links to the 'burgh at:

    Not sure if there are copyright issues in using quotations (especially the recent ones), but I'll leave that to you to investigate.

    Good luck!

    PS. What about a shirt saying: "check your fly" on the front and "Kennywood's open" on the back …or visa versa?

  • Allie

    <3 this quote, and its author. Here is a quote from Teresa Heinz Kerry in a speech to CMU grads in 2003. The quote is long, and THK is addressing graduates, so it could be adapted. THK resides in Fox Chapel, but who could deny her of Pgh status.

    "In your years here, I hope you have picked up some of that Pittsburgh authenticity, that inner grit and steel�along with a Terrible Towel or two, some trips to see the "Stillers," maybe even a sip of an Iron City and a bite of kielbasa. But along with some distinctive pronunciation and the knowledge that you have gained, it is the true grit that I hope will stay with you as you move on with your lives."


  • "…Why not use quotations from prominent Pittsburghers of the past and present including: Andy Warhol…" – I didn't realise Warhol was actually a Pittsburgher! That's interesting.

    Mary Cassatt is also someone to be proud of, a truly remarkable American artist, one of America's best female artists, of any time.

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