The PG is looking for your t-shirt stories

I saw this little post on the website for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today. I thought this might be of interest to some of our blog readers. I am not sure if they are only looking for Pittsburgh stories or for stories from all over. I think I might submit my story about myIheartPGH t-shirt. I am looking forward to reading this article when it comes out.

Seeking Your Help: Your favorite T-shirt
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Every favorite T-shirt usually comes a with good story on why it’s so special to you. Maybe you were wearing it when you met your future spouse. Or you got it at the best concert you ever attended. Or it’s from a special reunion. No matter how old or how tattered, you’ll never give it away. We’d like to hear your stories about your favorite T-shirts. Please send your reflections to Virginia Linn at Include your name, home town and daytime phone number.

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