PGHflicks – The Bread My Sweet

One of the great things about holidays is that we usually get to catch up on some movies. I have been wanting to compile some reviews of Pittsburgh books and movies but there are some I haven't seen in quite some time. I let my sister select the movie this evening and she suggested The Bread My Sweet. This is a delightful little movie that was filmed here in Pittsburgh in 2001. Scott Baio plays an executive/baker at the Enrico Biscotti company in the Strip district. The film is filled with … [Read more...]

Pretzel Love

I have been posting some reviews of Pittsburgh places over on Yelp! (I think everyone else should leave their reviews and pictures there too). I know I have blogged about my love for the Pretzel shop before but I am going to share it again. I stopped in this morning and I love this place! This is a picture of a bag of fresh pretzels that I picked up this morning. This is THE BEST place to eat in Pittsburgh. I wish I could give this place 10 stars. I love pretzels! I love this place. I … [Read more...]

Best Holiday Commercial EVER!

Of course it is from Pittsburgh! According to the YouTube comments this commercial has been running since 1982. I was thinking that I had not seen this commercial on TV yet this holiday season. A quick search of YouTube solved that. Eat N'Park's Public Relations has even put together a schedule of when the commercial will air if you want to watch it on real TV. … [Read more...]

WYEP has a new website - It is one good looking new website. I hope that someday IheartPGH looks half as good as this! Another great thing is that they have a little tag line at the bottom - The first green station in the nation. Awesome. Make sure you check out the history page - WYEP is a great independent radio station with a great story. To go from a basement in Oakland to the first green station in the nation is great. Congrats to WYEP on a great new website. … [Read more...]