Does anyone know where I can find an old working laptop?

Ever since I heard a friend tell me about how her family makes gifts for each other each Christmas I have been bugging my family to adopt this fun holiday tradition.  My entire family has vetoed this idea but I am on a quest to make most of the gifts this holiday season.  One of my gift ideas requires me to take apart an old, but working laptop.  I cannot tell you what I am going to make because I know the gift recipient reads this blog.

So after visiting the Goodwill Computer Shop and calling the computer recycling place.  No luck.  I ventured into the basement at my mom’s house to dig out my old trusty Compaq Laptop where half of the keys don’t work (you don’t really need a space bar to communicate effectively).  No luck.  My mom “thinks” she might have given it to Construction Junction.

So now I am on a mission to create this project.  It is no longer about the gift, which I would still like to complete by Sunday, it is about finding an old working laptop.  I know there have to be some, somewhere in this city,  So if anyone has any ideas on where I could locate one of these laptops, please share.  It can be as old as Windows 98, the battery doesn’t have to work.  One of those old Apple clam shells would be great.  I don’t have much money, looking to spend less than $30.  But I do have t-shirts for whomever can help me locate one of these.

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