Git Aht! – Things To Do This Weekend

(Things to do while packing the moving van for Kansas City…) Friday, December 22 (First off, Happy Birthday to Mom of Git Aht, who turns sixty-three celebrates the 33rd anniversary of her 30th birthday today. And I’m sorry for almost everything, especially that time when I was pulled over in Malibu and I said that […]

Does anyone know where I can find an old working laptop?

Ever since I heard a friend tell me about how her family makes gifts for each other each Christmas I have been bugging my family to adopt this fun holiday tradition.  My entire family has vetoed this idea but I am on a quest to make most of the gifts this holiday season.  One of […]

Aquanet and Acidwash

I found this fun event is Mama Spell’s e-newletter. This looks like a great time for a great cause, PERSAD SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 7pm-12 am Mama hostesses Aquanet & Acidwash Benefit for Persad Center at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 6300 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 As the holidays draw near, we wanted to […]

It Ain’t the Mall!

If you want to do some holiday shopping without putting another nail in the planetary coffin, check out Equita, Lawrenceville’s newest boutique for ethically-minded shoppers. Located at 100 43rd St., inside the Ice House artist studios, Equita sells all kinds of fair trade, green, and organic goods, from clothing to housewares to food items. I […]