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11/29/06 – UPDATE: New URL for Overheard in Pittsburgh – http://www.overheardinpittsburgh.com

Pitt Girl: Call me, we’ll go out and find something fun to do that doesn’t involve Bob Logue in any way whatsoever.
Carbolic sees nail, hits it squarely on head. And then they hit it again. And again.
– Go over to T & A, read a list of “Potential Names of Pornographic Movies Starring WTAE’s Bob Mayo”. But wait until after lunch to do so. Seriously.
Overheard in Pittsburgh: It doesn’t? Shit.


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  • eastendlivin

    looks like PittGirl is the object of everyone's affection, with anonymity of course

  • I first want to say that I really appreciate your linking to Overheard in Pittsburgh. We have recently moved to http://www.overheardinpittsburgh.com, and I was wondering if you would update your link. I soon will be adding a Technorati-powered "Who Links Here" feature/page to thank those who have linked to the site and perhaps send some new readers their way, and if you update your link you will be on this list.

    Thank you again for your support,
    Chris Griswold
    Overheard in Pittsburgh