PGH Trivia: Hill Street Blues

I was reading this article today from about liens on property in Pittsburgh, how much money is being made and how this complicates redevelopment.  Fun stuff, not so much (It is important stuff though and I reccomend you take a look at the article).  I learned this fun fact from the article – the Hill district was the inspiration for Hill Street Blues.  I did a double take and then went to check this out on Wikipedia (there is some amazing stuff on there).

The name of the show was based on Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Chief writer Steven Bochco attended college at the nearby Carnegie Institute of Technology and used the downtrodden Hill District as inspiration for naming the show.

The Wikipedia also has a page on the Hill District.

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  • Cool trivia bit 🙂 But the Bloomberg article link goes to a tshirt hunt site instead of Bloomberg – I think this is the story you meant:

  • The Bloomberg article was very informative. It is suprising that the local news media did not report this first.

  • Thanks. I was trying to write too many blog entries at once. I fixed the link.

  • I read about that in one of the big PGH newspapers today, too and at first I got it mixed up with 21 Jump Street…so being a Johnny Depp fan I was all happy.

    Oh the let down. Still, I'm curious what this show is about now… does it actually take place in PGH?