Unheard, Uncommon, Unboring

The Union Project (my favorite community center/cafe) is hosting their annual holiday kick-off this Saturday, Dec 3.  Just $20, which is a steal, the evening includes performances by Centro Flamenco de Pittsburgh The Pentecostal Temple Mass Choir The Oriental Star Dancers El Coro Latino Americano The First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh Bell Choir There […]

PGH Trivia: Hill Street Blues

I was reading this article today from Bloomberg.com about liens on property in Pittsburgh, how much money is being made and how this complicates redevelopment.  Fun stuff, not so much (It is important stuff though and I reccomend you take a look at the article).  I learned this fun fact from the article – the […]

Craft Factory

I was super sad that I did not get to make a stop at Handmade Arcade this year.  So I am happy to find out about the Mattress Factory’s CRAFT FACTORY this weekend. Saturday, December 2nd 10am-5pm Come to the Mattress Factory and shop one-of-a-kind items by artist from the local area. Craft Factory, sponsored […]

Rahnd-up: Burgh Blog(h)s

11/29/06 – UPDATE: New URL for Overheard in Pittsburgh – http://www.overheardinpittsburgh.com – Pitt Girl: Call me, we’ll go out and find something fun to do that doesn’t involve Bob Logue in any way whatsoever. – Carbolic sees nail, hits it squarely on head. And then they hit it again. And again. – Go over to […]