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Friday, September 29
Exposure: Pittsburgh, 7:00 p.m., Club Havana, Shadyside
The local photographers group holds it’s monthly show at Club Havana in Shadyside. It’s probably too cold tonight for the patio, although you’ll be spending a lot of time out there, Smoky Joe, regardless of weather, once the ban goes into effect. C’est La Vie, as the French say, but what do they care, they can smoke wherever they want. Hell, surgeons chain-smoke Gauloises during hernia operations over there. “Vive le Nicotine!” comes the cry from deepest Provence.

What? Oh, right. Tangented again, didn’t I? Dammit.

This show features photographer Sharon West, whose eye for shapes and colors astounds, and who just got back from Burning Man earlier this month with a boat-load of good shots from the high desert. Her work will be on display throughout the next month, so if you can’t make it, but want to check aht the art, stop in. The thing is, these opening gigs are usually a pretty good time, what with the drinking. And you’ll feel like a star who walked into a paparazzi convention, so expect to have your picture taken. Me? I don’t show up on film, so don’t bother. It has to do with my Eastern European ancestry, at least according to my uncle Vlad the Impaler. Drakul!

Filmmakers Vintage Local Films, 7:30 p.m. Melwood Screening Room
Former Executive Director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers Robert Haller returns to Pittsburgh to present a series of shorts about Pittsburgh mostly filmed in Pittsburgh. (And the winner of the 2006 Award for Most Uses of the Word “Pittsburgh” in a Sentence goes to… me. w00t!) The highlight will be “Rhapsody of Steel”, which is, according to the filmmakers site, a “23-minute masterpiece of animation and music, made for the United States Steel Corporation. Produced by John Sutherland, the film features Gary Merrill as the narrator and three-time Academy Award-winner Dimitri Tiomkin conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony in his own composition.”

(Thanks to Natalia for sending this one in.)

The Big Throw Back! Funk and Soul Dance Party, 10:00 p.m., Brillobox, Upper Larryville/Bloomfield
bootsy 2 bucks! Ahhh…the Name is Bootsy, Baby.

DJs J. Malls and Omar-Abdul drop the mad funk at the Box. I really hope to make it over to this, because my love for old funk is only surpassed by my love of Mom, America, devastatingly intelligent women, a well-crafted drink (with and/or made by a devastatingly intelligent woman), and the companionship of a fine dog. So it’s like, sixth then, which is pretty high, really.

Saturday, September 30
Little Italy days, All Day, Bloomfield
littleItalyDays Street festivals are a wonderful part of living around here with all of our neighborhoods, all of our enclaves of ethnicity, each culture contributing their own flavor… Summer’s chock full of street fairs, be they fire halls or churches, someone’s always running a chuck-a-luck wheel (Three! Lovely! Fives!) and a food stand, dogs ‘n kraut, yo, with bingo inside in the gym, 50 cents a card, threefa a dolla, here’s some popcorn to mark your card, yeah, we play four corners, good luck.

But then along comes Bloomfield’s Little Italy Days like a behemoth, trouncing nearly all of them with 10 to 12 thousand people showing up. The festival is jam-packed with events and entertainment, ranging from Frank Sinatra impersonators to the Liberty Avenue Procession of The Madonna del la Civita on Sunday. Strolling accordionists will provide a pleasant background as you make your way from the polenta to the zepoli, and don’t forget there are bars all along Liberty if you need to duck in for a moment, get your bearings, and grab a cold beer, see if they’ve got Nastro Azzurro.

Personally, I’ll be looking for the Sophia Loren impersonator. But that’s just me.

“Duke Of Ribs” Rib Cook Off 11:00 a.m., The Union Project
ribsLindsay tipped us off about this the other day, but I’m mentioning it again because ribs probably come in slightly lower than funk on my list. I dunno, eighth, maybe ninth. Somewhere in there, depending on how good they are. The sauce must be the Boss. On that matter, there will be no discussion.

The 27th Annual Latin American & Caribbean Festival 1:00 p.m., William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh
Another festival, this one featuring music, food, dance, and children’s activities from Latin America and the Caribbean. The whole shebang is sponsored by The Center for Latin American Studies at Pitt and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This presents quite a vexing problem to me, a true noggin-scratcher, trying to decide not so much which one to go to, ’cause the answer to that is both if you can, but at which one do you eat? You’ve got great Latin American food over here, great Italian food over in Bloomfield… Sheesh… Lemme think about it for a minute…

Ok, my advice to you: don’t eat anything at all Friday. Save it all up for Saturday, grab a lunch at one, a dinner at the other. Probably a good idea if you walk from one to the other too, considering…

Man, I’m all Solomon-like in my tremendous wisdom. What’s next on the docket, bailiff? Oh, right, the child custody case. All right, let’s have at it then.

Sunday, October 1
Open Irish Music Session, 8:00 p.m., Murphy’s Tap Room, Regent Square
Get your fiddle on in the first of a series of Celtic Music nights to be held on the first and third sundays of each month throughout the fall. If you love the combination of Irish music and no cover, this is the event for you.

Etta James, 8:00 p.m., Byham Theater, Dahntahn
Etta James is a grand dame of American Music, a true legend, inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Blues Hall of Fame. Miss Peaches brings her act into town for a one-night only performance supporting her new album”All The Way,” a collection of songs she says is “an album of songs that I’ve always loved, tunes that I heard and thought, ‘wish I could have been the one to do that one first!.'” This is your chance to hear her perform them live, and a rare gem it will be.


Got an event planned? Would you like a whole flock of yinzers with disposable income to show up? Let Git Aht know by sending the electronic mail to


In July 2006, Pittsburgh native Josh Cippel studied abroad in China and took along one of t-shirts. Here is Josh in front of the Great Wall of China, illustrating that love for the homeland never dies. (Is that too fascist? Oh well – viva la ‘burgh!) John is now wearing his I <3 PGH t-shirt as a student at Columbia Law School in NYC.

Thanks for the photos, Josh! They're awesome!! If anyone out there has any evidence of Pittsburgh love in far-away and/or interesting locales, please let us know. We would be happy to post them!

Aldo Coffee Company – A Coffee Shop with a blog

I first came across Aldo Coffee Company last year when I started, I didn’t link to Aldo because technically they are not in the city of Pittsburgh. Yes, work has called me outside of the city limits and I was in need of an urban haven. Aldo Coffee Company meets, actually exceeds, all of my requirements for a good coffee shop so it is worth mentioning. I darted into Aldo Coffee Company last week in search of the elusive free wireless connection, the barista’s weren’t sure if the telerama wireless had been converted in to free wireless. I opened up my computer and BAM – I am online. The owner came around and we started talking about blogs.

There are so many reasons that Aldo Coffee Shop is worth a visit, I need to make a list.

  1. Darn Nice People – I talked to the owner, I talked to the barista’s everyone here is super nice and helpful. A big thank you for the wonderful latte – which has a heart on top of the foam, which leads us to reason number 2…
  2. Latte Art – Art and Coffee shops go together
  3. Steelers Latte Art, oh yes, you read that correctly, Steelers Latte Art –
  4. Excellent Food Selection – as someone who spends many a meal time at coffee shops, I am always thrilled to find a place that has fresh food, salads, resonable portion sizes (yes you can order 1/2 sandwich!), and reasonable prices.
  5. Smoothies with REAL Fruit – This is a big one for me. I strive for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This has become even more difficult with the recent spinach ban. Many establishments have smoothies, few actually use fruit.
  6. Cannoli Bar – I am not even sure I like cannoli, but I really think I would like cannoli, and they have all sorts of custom made cannoli here.
  7. Support Local Businesses – They do, I had a great chat with the owner who was on his way to Squirell Hill for a coffee shop field trip.
  8. Free Wireless – Thank goodness, this is near impossible to find free wireless outside of the east end.
  9. The Aldo Coffee Co Blog – Web2.0 meets coffee shop – Even has been mentioned in the blog!
  10. Belly Dancing – Tomorrow (Friday) Night they have live Belly Dancing
  11. Take the T – Aldo is located right near the T-stop. Yeah for public transportation! A great destination for your next public transportation field trip!

So if you are a suburban resident, take a break from Starbucks and visit Aldo, I have yet to find a Starbucks that offers Belly Dancing. If you are a die hard urbanite and find your self stranded in Mt. Lebanon, you can find an urban haven at Aldo.

Take the bus … to Beaver County

Speaking of public transit, were you aware that Beaver County was chosen as the ‘American Idol’ of public transit? For the second time in its history, the Beaver County Transit Authority won the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Washington, D.C.-based American Public Transportation Association. This award is considered a once-in-a-lifetime honor.


According to the op-ed article from the PG:

“Ridership that soared 22.4 percent for the past three years is on track to grow another 9 percent in this fiscal year … far more than any other small or large state transit system …

“BCTA is the first recipient of a state Transit Revitalization Investment District grant, with ‘Elm Street’ residential and ‘Main Street; business components in Rochester, the hub of Beaver County. The epicenter of the development extending to a scenic bluff overlooking the Ohio River is its ‘Grand Central Station,’ a modern transportation center with a park-n-ride, up-to-the-minute electronic message board displaying bus arrival and departure times and convenient connections every half hour for paratransit and bus riders.”

A quick perusal of the BCTA website reveals that they even have a Steelers Express route. Good neighbors make for a good neighborhood. Go SWPA!

Here’s the full article:

Getting around: Beaver County chosen ‘American Idol’ of public transit
Sunday, June 11, 2006
by Joe Grata, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
[Read more…]

Googling The Bus

Yet another reason to get on the bus in Pittsburgh: today’s Post-Gazette reports that Burghers can now search for Port Authority bus routes and schedules via Google Transit, a new service being offered in only six cities.

Port Authority has offered a trip planner on their website for some time, but Google’s service combines scheduling with a map of your route, and in the future could include information such as money saved versus driving and parking, as well as total cost of fare for your trip.

The service is in its beginning stages, and Google is asking for feedback from users to help improve results. Play around with it and let them know what you’d like to see.