Songs to listen to on your iPod …

while walking around in the Andy Warhol Museum.

warholDon’t ask me why, but I’m on a music kick lately! I found this fun playlist on this cute web site called “tiny mix tapes.” Someone by the handle Compulis compiled this list. IheartPGH – not only do we provide you with the quirks of this city, we also provide the soundtrack!

Compiled by: Cropulis

Note from Cropulis: Songs about the man, by the people he worked with and reflective pieces on the life of Warhol in a sort of mood piece.

01. Lou Reed & John Cale- “A Dream” (Songs for Drella)
02. The Velvet Underground- “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
03. John Cale- “Paris 1919″ (Paris 1919)
04. The Rolling Stones- “Sister Morphine” (Sticky Fingers)
05. Lou Reed- “Street Hassle” (Street Hassle)
06. Brian Eno- “An Ending (Ascent)” (Apollo (Atmospheres & Sounds)
07. Secret Machines- “Girl From the North Country” (Road Lead’s Where It’s Lead)
08. David Bowie- “Andy Warhol” (Hunky Dory)
09. Bob Dylan- “Desolation Row” (Highway 61 Revisited)
10. Lou Reed & John Cale- “Hello It’s Me” (Songs for Drella)

Thanks to Mindy for pointing out this site. We also love:

- songs with unexpected swearing (including cake)
– songs to knit to (including night ranger, elliott smith, b&s, the
– songs to eat cereal to (including mike doughty, blur, cornershop)
– songs for making pinky promises to
– songs for a person wandering nowhere in particular, gazing randomly
around, and not thinking about anything

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    I have seen all on the Internet. Do or die, guys! BTW nice blog I like it ;)