Cool Larryville Gallery

I never thought that I would see so many galleries spring up in Lawrenceville. Over the last several years, many have come and gone. But a recent addition to the galleries in Lawrenceville has probably become my favorite.

Digging Pitt Gallery, located on Butler Street, has a unique and unpretentious air. The work is consistently good, ranging from the truly bizarre to the deeply beautiful. As the past year has come and gone, I have found some of my favorite artists on display.

When you walk into the gallery you get such a sense of discovery, with a feeling that there are no wrong choices. Sometimes, the walls will be covered with unframed drawings, showing rough edges, masterpieces pinned to the wall. At other times, sophisticated drawings and complex prints share the wall space.

The gallery itself is dominated by large flat files, the drawers of which contain folios of carefully stored artwork. Perusing the collection of artwork gives one a sense of discovery, delving into unknown depths in search of some hidden gem.

The gallery was started by John Morris, who moved here from New York in 2004 with the express purpose of opening a gallery. Digging Pitt is modeled after the Pierogi Gallery, located in Brooklyn. Digging Pitt, much like the Pierogi gallery, brings a wide range of works from a vast array of artists, into one small area.

Anyway, check out Digging Pitt. The website and the blog!

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  • patrick

    Excellent! I’ll have to check it out at some point in the near future…