World Cup w00t – Piper’s Pub!

fifaPublic service announcement:

Piper’s Pub on the South Side is here to fulfill all of your 2006 World Cup watching needs. Their 2006 broadcasting schedule has just been posted. All matches will be shown live, including the ones (8 to 10 in all) being tape delayed by ABC.

Actually, there are some pretty good match-ups this year, and I’m gonna try to make it to a game or two … hmm … Germany vs. Poland, June 14th? Guess who I’ll be supporting? 😉 The place has a really good atmosphere and they’re putting a fancy flat-screen TV in the dining room to broadcast the games.

Pipers is located at 1828 East Carson St. They have bottle and draft beers from England, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Scotland … and one of the most extensive collections of Scotch in the area. Plus bangers and mash, Shepards pie, and all of our other favorites from across the pond. Check out their web site:


for more!

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  • fuck yeah. now i know where i will be during the month of june and the first part of july!!

  • Hoorah!

    Think I might just be calling in to work sick for extended periods in June… 😉

  • Ryan C

    Bangers ‘n Mash! Beer! All in front of great games before noon?

    This truly represents heaven. I’ve seen and tasted this paradise and recommend it to all.

  • sloan

    It’s packed in there. Today (with US playing) I couldn’t even walk. The new ‘Town Tavern’ also has world cup (or at least today’s US game)

  • for the last games during division I, during which multiple games will be played at the same time (done to avoid collusion), the owner has said that he will show one game on one screen, and the other game on the other screen. He is also bringing and extra screen for the dining room, bringing total screens to 5.