“Cheaper than Water”

Growing up in the city of Pittsburgh was all about ice tea, more specifically . . . the ice tea carton. See, you’d walk up to the Uni-Mart or Cogo’s or whathaveyou, and get your Schneider’s or Colteryahn to go. With a straw. It was, and continues to be, the perfect street-wear / classroom accessory. (Even if the rich kids make fun of us. :P) So sweet, so convenient. And biodegradable too.

Now Turner’s, a local dairy in Westmoreland County, has taken their own spin on the ice tea carton and put it on a shirt. Now you can wear your memory:


T-shirts are $12 + shipping.

The thought of wearing this t-shirt while standing at a pay phone in front of a CoGo’s while drinking out of an ice tea carton is so Pittsburgh I cannot even bear it. If anyone in the audience does this, please take pictures and send them to us!

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  • rachel

    thanks for the memories….. 🙂

  • Miss H

    Good lord this thing just gave me flashbacks to carrick high.
    thanks for that, makes the south a bit more familiar.