Big Jim’s in the Run

This morning, Natalia called Lindsay for a brunch date.

Natalia, dealing with a pathetic addiction to bubble tea, suggested Lulu’s or the Rose Tea Cafe.

“But I choke on those damn things!” Lindsay replied. “How about … Big Jim’s in the Run?”

Okay … so screw the bubble tea! Not quite Greenfield, not quite Hazelwood, the Run is a neighborhood unto itself. To the unanointed, you’ve probably driven past the Four Mile Run neighborhood many times driving on the Junction Hollow Bridge on 376 East:

big jim's

Make the sharp turn on Saline Street from the Greenfield Ave. Second Ave & Hazelwood Ave. intersections. That red building – it looks like Big Jim’s, located at 201 Saline St.

We arrived at 11:45am. “Um … I kind of want a beer right now,” Lindsay said. I liked that idea, so we promptly ordered a Yeungling and Rolling Rock and REALLY BIG YUMMY veggie and chargrilled chicken sandwiches. Rumour is that the fish sandwich and italian sausage are excellent as well.

We love BIG JIM’S because it’s pretty much embodies all that we love about the ‘burgh. Amazing food, low price, good service, interesting characters and surprising location. A stroll around the block run reveals a playground, headquarters of a local labor union, a beautiful old church and a patchwork of houses and apartments. There’s another bar – Chaser’s in the Run. We have plans to go back.


Call Big Jim at (412) 421-0532. Hours are Mon-Thu 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-12am; Sun 10am-11pm.

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  • Bob

    I too love the bubble tea at Rose Tea Cafe.

    I'll admit I've never been to this little pocket of Pittsburgh… I'll have to seek it out. Thanks for the tip.

  • You know, there's a great bike/walking trail that gets to the Four Mile Run. You can pick it up by crossing the railway tracks at the back end of Panther Hollow Lake (there is actaully a crossing, but it's a little obscured by overgrown bushes…) and then turning left on the trail. It brings you out right by the playground you mentioned 🙂

  • Scott

    This is one of the best neighborhood bars in the city. Great food, big portions and a great price. I've been going for years and love this out of the way secret.

  • Jes

    Oooh! My favorite the second half of the Eliza furnace trail into Oakland. I'm not into the smoke-filled-beer-guzzlin' scene, which is about 90% of what Pitt's all about….

  • My friend and I walked all around the run a few weeks ago. We've blogged about it:

  • James II

    The Run strikes me as being more a part of Oakland – lower lower Oakland – than Greenfield or Hazelwood. It's association with Greenfield arises from city planning maps.

  • Robert

    Im from Canada and I just saw Big Jim in the run on the food network channel and Im booking my plane ticket to come and try the food it looks amazing

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