Cinco De Mayo is coming soon

I am not sure why it did not occur to me to me write a post about Mad Mex before. Mad Mex is like a home away from home for me, so I guess I assumed that everyone knows about it and eats there as often as I do. I don’t have time to give a full ode to Mad Mex – I am sitting here at Mad Mex finishing my excellent lunch special and I have to hurry so I can get back to work.
But I did want to take a moment to give everyone a head up about Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Mad Mex. I just gave my lovely server Sarah one of the I Heart PGH baby buttons and some of the other servers have already stopped by to see if I have more. I heart Mad Mex and the staff loves this website.

Anyhow, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that I think should be celebrated – so save the date on your calendar and head over to Mad Mex for
$1 off Mexican Bottles
Breakfast Burritos starting at 9am
$5 big azz margaritas
A Chance to win free mad mex for a year (which is about the best thing I would ever want to win ever)
Mad Mex Menu

Where is this place? The original Mad Mex is hidden in Oakland. Great location (just be warned it is usually loud there.) Plus there are some other Mad Mex locations in ‘gasp’ the suburbs. Which is another reason I heart Mad Mex because they provide a safe and healthy place for me to dine on those rare ocassions I have to stray from the city.
Click here for a list of Mad Mex locations.

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  • pghguy

    Lindsay, the original Mad Mex hidden away here in Oakland is still the best in my opinion (provided you can get into the place!); I can't even imagine having free Mad Mex for a year!!

    Chi-Chi's? What was that?? Good riddance.

  • lou

    Why do you think it should be celebrated? Because of all the immigration stuff going on this year? I guess that makes it doubly important right now Do you know if Mad Mex will do anything for Mexico's Independence Day too?

    Chichi's was awful! And had way overpriced Margaritas.


  • The July newsletter announces the winner of free Mad Mex for the year – sadly it wasn't me.

  • nicole

    Either way you celebrate…bring your own margarita glass! Designs by Lolita has plenty of hand-painted margarita glasses that will ensure yours will never get lost! Included on the bottom in a drink recipe, ensuring the perfect margarita every time!