Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

Friday evening I visited the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with some friends. This was my first time there, and I took some ribbing from people who said “and you’re from Pittsburgh?!” The place was very easy to find coming from Oakland. I don’t think I would have found the parking lot for the place though, as you need to pass the Tavern and then turn through a neighborhood street.

So onto the review. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the place was empty when we arrived around 5PM. It was a warm day so they had the entire front of the Tavern opened up to the outside. It made for a very nice light and airy atmosphere. The beer selection was pretty impressive, from a large selection of bottles to drafts. I sampled some Polish beers and found them quite unique (unfortunately I don’t recall the names, as I could barely pronounce them anyways!)

But the reason I wanted to visit this place is the Polish food. I played it brave and ordered the Czarnina for starters. Czarnina is duck blood soup. I overlooked the color and aroma of the soup when it arrived. Needless to say the flavor of the soup is obviously an acquired taste because I couldn’t bring myself to finish it! Next I ordered the sampler platter which included kielbasa, pierogies, haluska and golabkis. I was very impressed by the food, and let’s just say that these pierogies were not the frozen Mrs. T’s!! They literally melted in my mouth. The food was also served piping hot. I will definitely go back again. Lastly, the service was outstanding and our server was very friendly and prompt, and had no objections to breaking the bill apart for everyone.

The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern is open from 11am to 2am and is located at 4412 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield.

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  • oh no! sorry you couldn't stomach the czarnina. i've never had it at BBT, only home-made. i applaud your bravery. i don't know if i would eat take-out czarnina either, heehee.

    i do like it though, especially with kluski – potato dumplings. yum, yum! (or as they say in polish, niam, niam! 😀

  • pghguy

    Natalia, coming from a half Polish background I remember my great aunt making this soup when I was a kid. I remember walking into the house and "knowing" that smell! I never tried the home-made version unfortuantely. Now that I'm older (and wiser? ha!) I was thinking maybe my tastes had matured a bit! Your post is making me hungry though.

  • yeah, i was always a ridiculously picky kid, so in retrospect it's almost shocking that i actually slurped down duck blood soup! hehe.

  • Vicki Adams

    The son of the original owner is nothing like his father. He over charges customers (check your sales tax) and when questioned about it, he becomes hostile.