Big Jim’s in the Run

This morning, Natalia called Lindsay for a brunch date. Natalia, dealing with a pathetic addiction to bubble tea, suggested Lulu’s or the Rose Tea Cafe. “But I choke on those damn things!” Lindsay replied. “How about … Big Jim’s in the Run?” Okay … so screw the bubble tea! Not quite Greenfield, not quite Hazelwood, […]

Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

Friday evening I visited the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with some friends. This was my first time there, and I took some ribbing from people who said “and you’re from Pittsburgh?!” The place was very easy to find coming from Oakland. I don’t think I would have found the parking lot for the place though, as […]

Hotness – Pittsburgh’s answer to Pink

The party’s inside, so click inside! Oh yes. It’s HOTNESS, our favorite fuschia-wearin’ silver-sequined spectacle on the Pittsburgh muzack scene. Lindsay and I became Hotness fans when we first saw him play at the Shadow Lounge last year. And we were so excited when we found that the party anthem “We Gotta!” now has a […]

The Next Warhol?

Right now in the Hall of Sculpture of the Carnegie Museum, works produced by students in the studio art programs are on display. The youth programs at the Carnegie nurtured the early talents of such Pittsburgh artists as Andy Warhol and Renee Stout. Walking through the variations on a project, like many examples of “figure […]