pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game

while shopping at capo’s furniture in beaver falls recently, i came upon pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game. produced in 1978 by c.p. marino, this game comes with a two-sided board, destination cards, weather cards, blizzard cards, cars [player pieces] and 2 dice.

according to the rules, the point of the game is to land on each of the five “destination circles”: bank hardware, food store, work and drug store. the tricky part of the game is that if you land on a “weather” square and select a weather card that says blizzard, you have to flip the game board over from the sunny side to the blizzard side. in the midst of a blizzard, the game gets more difficult.

the game board is labeled with major roads from the city such as penn avenue. however, that seems to be the only way that pittsburgh comes into the game.

anyway, it’s neat to have a another vestage of the late 70s that celebrates our city.

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  • andrew

    My mom bought this game at big lots when we were very small children… we still have ours in the box, though all the pieces and cards are very well worn. It was our favorite game growing up, and we played it until our parents and grandparents were sick of it. I didn't know it was that old, and I haven't played it in years, but now that I think about it, youre right… it has absolutely nothing to do with Pittsburgh. If memory serves, its still a very entertaining game though.