the fish that saved pittsburgh

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so i was just flipping around on cable and this movie caught my eye. with pittsburgh in the name, how could i resist? it turns out that this 1979 sports spoof is about the pittsburgh pythons, a basketball team that isn’t very good until they turn to astrology. starring julius erving, this film comes with plenty of gym shorts with contrast piping, striped kneesocks and a groovy theme song. it also features shots all over and city trash cans with the slogan “pittsburgh’s on the move.” whether or not you’re into the late 70s formula comedy, it’s worth seeing a glimpse of our city back in the day.

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  • thanks for posting this – the CAST LISTING is so impressive within itself!!! jonathan winters! stockard channing! and omg – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!! as himself!!!

    Julius Erving …. Moses Guthrie
    Jonathan Winters …. H.S. and Harvey Tilson
    Meadowlark Lemon …. Rev. Grady Jackson
    Jack Kehoe …. Setshot
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar …. Himself
    Margaret Avery …. Toby Millman
    James Bond III …. Tyrone Millman
    Michael V. Gazzo …. Harry the Trainer
    Peter Isacksen …. Driftwood
    Nicholas Pryor …. George Brockington
    M. Emmet Walsh …. Wally Cantrell
    Stockard Channing …. Mona Mondieu
    Flip Wilson …. Coach 'Jock' Delaney
    Marv Albert …. Himself (as Marvin Albert)
    Debbie Allen …. Ola (as Debra Allen)

  • jlongs

    I was an extra in that movie! It was fun.