New to Pittsburgh? The new owner’s guide

pghI recently came across Western Pennsylvania: The new owner’s guide, a series of articles published in the Post-Gazette:

“Whether moving to Western Pennsylvania for the first time, or returning after adventures elsewhere, our staff has put together a collection of useful and just plain interesting things to know and keep in mind.

“From historic highlights to timely information on Pennsylvania driver’s license requirements, they’ve hunted up the info that can save you a few headaches … and enrich your days of personal discovery ahead.”

Recent articles in the series include:

* Tips and info for new residents

* Newcomers find Pittsburgh prettier and friendlier than they expected

* A glorious heritage written in stone, steel, brick and timber

* Peter Leo: Rill Pittsburghers worship the Stillers

* Joe Grata: You can get there from here

* Putting down roots: Planning for planting in your Pittsburgh-area home

* Local broadcast media

* Getting your new home online

Good luck getting settled in!

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