e house

one of the many hip shops on carson street in pittsburgh’s bustling south side is the e house. not only is it hip, but it’s also green. e house is one of the few places in this city where you can buy organic household products, all natural clothing and accessories. e house also takes recycling, particularly some tricky items like battreries. to go back to the hip comment, some of the stuff they carry is just really creative. they carry products from pittsburgh-based littlearth- you know, the company that makes belts out of recycled tires and bottle caps. they’ve also got bags made from old billboards and serving dishes from traffic lights. it’s a great place for the stuff you need and for finding the right gift. check them out: 1511 east carson street.

ps- according to a 2003 article in the pittsburgh business times, littlearth, “contracts with two plants in China that manufacture a majority of its products.” i thought that those of you interested in supporting local businesses and living a life with minimum environmental impact would want to know.

pps- you can calculate your eco footprint here.

pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game

while shopping at capo’s furniture in beaver falls recently, i came upon pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game. produced in 1978 by c.p. marino, this game comes with a two-sided board, destination cards, weather cards, blizzard cards, cars [player pieces] and 2 dice.

according to the rules, the point of the game is to land on each of the five “destination circles”: bank hardware, food store, work and drug store. the tricky part of the game is that if you land on a “weather” square and select a weather card that says blizzard, you have to flip the game board over from the sunny side to the blizzard side. in the midst of a blizzard, the game gets more difficult.

the game board is labeled with major roads from the city such as penn avenue. however, that seems to be the only way that pittsburgh comes into the game.

anyway, it’s neat to have a another vestage of the late 70s that celebrates our city.

Top Skylines of the World

So it has been making the rounds in the blogosphere and inboxes that, according to some Internet guy, Pittsburgh has the #16th slot in the top 20 skylines of the world. (Top twenty in the WORLD baby! Not bad for a medium-sized city.) The site also claims that Pittsburgh’s metro population is almost double that of Dallas, Texas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Dubai, U.A.E. Um …. Sweet! So much for the population hemorrhage? (Or is he counting Morgantown, WV?)

Here is the blurb from http://www.diserio.com/top15-skylines.html:

15. Pittsburgh, USA
Although Pittsburgh only has two buildings over 200m tall, its skyline is very impressive nonetheless. Pittsburgh has nicknames like the “city of bridges” or the “golden triangle” which outlines its true characteristics. It is surround by three rivers and the CBD is shaped in a triangle and surrounded by golden colour bridges. The city is also surrounded by hills and valleys giving access to great views of the city. The city has not had a major skyscraper raised since 1988, but good planning and a scenic surrounding region still makes it a great skyline.
Metro/Urban Population: 2.4 million

(Thanks to a reader for the link.)

the fish that saved pittsburgh

so i was just flipping around on cable and this movie caught my eye. with pittsburgh in the name, how could i resist? it turns out that this 1979 sports spoof is about the pittsburgh pythons, a basketball team that isn’t very good until they turn to astrology. starring julius erving, this film comes with plenty of gym shorts with contrast piping, striped kneesocks and a groovy theme song. it also features shots all over and city trash cans with the slogan “pittsburgh’s on the move.” whether or not you’re into the late 70s formula comedy, it’s worth seeing a glimpse of our city back in the day.