e house

one of the many hip shops on carson street in pittsburgh’s bustling south side is the e house. not only is it hip, but it’s also green. e house is one of the few places in this city where you can buy organic household products, all natural clothing and accessories. e house also takes recycling, […]

pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game

while shopping at capo’s furniture in beaver falls recently, i came upon pittsburgh’s great blizzard travel game. produced in 1978 by c.p. marino, this game comes with a two-sided board, destination cards, weather cards, blizzard cards, cars [player pieces] and 2 dice. according to the rules, the point of the game is to land on […]

Top Skylines of the World

So it has been making the rounds in the blogosphere and inboxes that, according to some Internet guy, Pittsburgh has the #16th slot in the top 20 skylines of the world. (Top twenty in the WORLD baby! Not bad for a medium-sized city.) The site also claims that Pittsburgh’s metro population is almost double that […]

the fish that saved pittsburgh

so i was just flipping around on cable and this movie caught my eye. with pittsburgh in the name, how could i resist? it turns out that this 1979 sports spoof is about the pittsburgh pythons, a basketball team that isn’t very good until they turn to astrology. starring julius erving, this film comes with […]

Our Mayor, Sonny Crockett (with his partner Tubbs)

Mayor Bob O’Connor is hustled across Penn Avenue shielded by his bodyguard, Officer Joseph Ryczaj, to check on his wife, Judy. [And take one for the team.]