Get your PÄ…czki soon!


PÄ…czki (pronounced ponch-key) are a traditional Polish doughnut filled with jelly or another sweet filling. In Poland, they are traditionally eaten on Tlusty Czwartek – Fat Thursday – the Thursday before Lent. In the US, we eat them on Tlusty Wtorek, Fat Tuesday. Traditionally, these little doughnuts were made to use up all the sweet stuff in the house before Lent.

Fat Thusday was last week (23 February) so we can’t be that authentic, but we stilll have time to fill our bellies this week!

In the South End of the city, you can find pÄ…czki at The Party Cake Shop located on 706 Brookline Blvd – (412)531-5322. They offer them with custard, chocolate, vanilla, apricot, lemon and raspberry fillings. But get them soon – Tuesday is the last day to purchase them! The Party Cake Shop is just a darn good bakery anyway, so bring your pocket book and your sweet tooth. (I should know – in full disclosure, my mother has worked there for the last ten years.)

Does anybody else know where to get pÄ…czki in other parts of Pittsburgh?

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  • breen

    i just had my first paczki, and from the party cake shop. excellent! and worth every sinful bite.

  • Brad

    Try Minerva's Bakery on Fifth Avenue in McKeesport.

  • Maceo Su

    you can get them at bethel bakery