More on … Canton Ave. in Beechview

Thanks to a reader for pointing us to this PG article about Canton Ave. in Beechview. Turns out we might have a world record in our midst!


Here: In Beechview
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Photos by Martha Rial ~ Story by Bob Batz Jr.

Despite the twin “Do Not Enter” signs at its midpoint, Canton Avenue isn’t a one-way street.

It’s a no-way street.

No way you’re going to drive up it. Not this time of year, when it’s covered with ice and snow.

This Beechview byway is way too steep — even to plow.

It’s the steepest street in this hilly town and, probably, the region, with a grade of 37 percent — that is, rising 37 feet per 100 feet of run. So confirm records from the city Department of Engineering and Construction.

Canton could be the steepest street anywhere. Figures can be fuzzy, but the best San Francisco can do are grades of 31.5 percent. The world’s steepest claim is made by Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, but its steepest part, according to the town’s own Web site, is only 35 percent. Could Pittsburgh have a world record hidden in the trees high above Banksville Road?
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Get your PÄ…czki soon!


PÄ…czki (pronounced ponch-key) are a traditional Polish doughnut filled with jelly or another sweet filling. In Poland, they are traditionally eaten on Tlusty Czwartek – Fat Thursday – the Thursday before Lent. In the US, we eat them on Tlusty Wtorek, Fat Tuesday. Traditionally, these little doughnuts were made to use up all the sweet stuff in the house before Lent.

Fat Thusday was last week (23 February) so we can’t be that authentic, but we stilll have time to fill our bellies this week!

In the South End of the city, you can find pÄ…czki at The Party Cake Shop located on 706 Brookline Blvd – (412)531-5322. They offer them with custard, chocolate, vanilla, apricot, lemon and raspberry fillings. But get them soon – Tuesday is the last day to purchase them! The Party Cake Shop is just a darn good bakery anyway, so bring your pocket book and your sweet tooth. (I should know – in full disclosure, my mother has worked there for the last ten years.)

Does anybody else know where to get pÄ…czki in other parts of Pittsburgh?

I heart PARTY – SAT. Feb 25 @ AVA

The shine of an Iron City aluminum bottle.
Rockin’ Out in the Cultural District.
Indigestion from a successful trip to Primanti’s.
Troy Polamalu’s voluminous mane.
Bob O’Connor’s silver mane.

There are all sorts of reasons we love Pittsburgh. Show your love for the Steel City over drink specials and a live DJ at a fundraiser benefiting the Coro Center for Civic Leadership.

SATURDAY – February 25, 10:00pm
AVA, Baum Blvd. and South Highland St., Pittsburgh, PA

Click here for more info and to RSVP!!!

Drink Specials on Blue Moon and Zima Hard Punch All Night!!!
Plus, we will be raffling off tickets to the upcoming Ghostface Killah concert.

18 to enter, 21 to drink. Wristbands will be provided.
$5 cover before 11pm; $8 cover from 11pm to 2pm.

Thats right – PARTY TIME. For a few months now we have been scheming to throw an I heart PGH party. So we were thrilled when we recieved an email from the Coro Center Leadership Fellows [Read more…]

Pittsburgh Hills


You know, they say Pittsburgh is the San Francisco of the East. (Or maybe that’s just me.) I randomly came across the web site of the Western PA Wheelman (bicycle club) who brings us this handy-dandy list of the steepest grades in the city … and out. I’m glad to see South Pittsburgh REPRESENT.

From Pgh Post-Gazette, Oct 5, 1984:

Street / Neighborhood / Grade

1. Canton Beechview 37%
2. Flowers Hazelwood 28%
3. East Woodford Carrick 27.6%
4. Cutler Northside 26%
5. Rialto (Pig Hill) Troy Hill 24%
6. Tesla Hazelwood 24%
7. Newitt Carrick 23%
8. N. Winebiddle Garfield 23%
9. Hampshire Beechview 23%
10. Potomac Banksville 22%

Outside of the city:

1 Logan Millvale 25%
2. Winsdor Forest Hills 25%
3. Decatur Forest Hills 24%
4. Seavy-High Etna 22%
5. Marion Forest Hills 19%

(Thanks to knobil for the photo of Polish Hill.)

Pittsburgh & CPI

Here’s another random one for the books. This one goes out to all the econ lovers in the audience (you sick, sick people.)

I recently found out Pittsburgh is a chosen city. For what, you ask?

We, along with 12 other lucky dawgs, have been chosen by the US Department of Labor for a SEMIANNUAL update of the CONSUMER PRICE INDEX. (Ahem, “If used with caution, local area CPI data can illustrate and explain the impact of local economic conditions on consumers’ experience with price change.” Basically, the difference in CPI = inflation.)

In fact, this data can be ACCESSED via PHONE 24 hours a day. Look, I’m not even kidding:

“Recorded summaries of CPI are also available by calling any of the following metropolitan area CPI hotlines. Summaries typically include data for the U.S. City Average, as well as the specified area. Recordings are approximately 3 minutes in length and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Pittsburgh (412) 644-2900

Take it and run with it, Pittsburgh. (I hope Jerome Bettis shirts are not included in the index.) This is brought to you the friendly Bureau of Labor Statistics.

(Love the government graphic. Labor statistics are fun!)