Civic Cards

A friend (who isn’t from Pittsburgh) just sent me a link for the company below and wondered if it was for real.

I investigated the situation and had to respond in the affirmative. Yes, it’s the nerdiest thing ever. Yes, political junkies will flip. Yes, it’s more than you ever wanted to know about your Federal, State, County, Municipality, School Board representatives. Yes, it’s real.



Yes, this is for real. You can seriously buy trading cards of local political leaders. They have all levels of government from federal to the school board. You can even plug in your city, ward, and district and pull up civic cards especially for your district.

I wonder if we can make a game out of this! Like Magic or Uno!

Except, instead of “Uno,” we can call it “Costa!” (Okay, maybe not. There’s always more than one of those.)

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  • love it

    I have already ordered The Bob O'Connor trading card. Do you think I can get him to sign it for me?