Civic Cards

A friend (who isn’t from Pittsburgh) just sent me a link for the company below and wondered if it was for real. I investigated the situation and had to respond in the affirmative. Yes, it’s the nerdiest thing ever. Yes, political junkies will flip. Yes, it’s more than you ever wanted to know about your […]

"Pittsburgh is Paris" says Denver columnist

This article is from the Denver newspaper – a columnist who first was not so complimentary of Pittsburgh came for a visit – Yinz might like Steeler Nation, after all Of course we already know that Pittsburgh is great but sometimes it is really nice to see an outsider discovering Pittsburgh. January 19, 2006 PITTSBURGH […]

Steelers fight songs to help fans sing team to victory

This article in the Post-Gazette last week features some of the Steelers Songs – “Steelers fight songs to help fans sing team to victory” I thought I would include the lyrics to the Steelers fight song for your review Stiller Fight Song (70’s version) Da-Da-Da-Da-Ta-Da – Charge! We’re from the town with that great football […]