Git Aht! – Things To Do This Weekend

(Things to do while… Okay, look, go out, but take it easy on Friday and Saturday, ’cause you need to rest up for Sunday. Pace yourself, is what I’m saying. And take a cab, fer Pete’s sake. And Everybody Else’s sake, for that matter…

One more thing… Get Drunk With Dignity.)

Friday, December 29
Exposure: Pittsburgh, 7:00 p.m., Club Havana, Shadyside
exposure The final show of the year put on by the Pittsburgh chapter of Photography sharing/Social Networking site flickr features the work of Hans Rosemond, fashion/portrait photographer, whose work usually does more than just capture the beauty of the model, it finds something that might not have been there in the first place. Rosemond has a way of working with his models that brings out more emotion than one would normally find in pictures of beautiful people. He will find ways to make you look at the person beyond their looks, beyond what may or may not be there. His use of backgrounds matched to their features (eyes, for instance) or their clothing contribute to a color palette that few photographers use, let alone exploit as he does.

But ok, enough about him, this is also about having a good time. These are art openings, basically, that are held in a bar – in this case, Club Havana on Ellsworth. People drink, they laugh, they dance to techno and trance, and sometimes pop (“Pop? What the deuce?!?” say the hipster purists…), and a good time is always had. It’s always fun to see creatives cut loose, and this would be the place to come to see that. As always, because of it’s location, you can make this a part of a mini bar crawl of your own, and the Shadyside Saloon, Elbow Room, and Harris Grill are all readily-available and handy to get to.

The Big Throwback, 10:00 p.m., Brillobox, West Bloomfield
BTB9newThe monthly funk/soul dance party with resident DJ’s J. Malls & Omar-Abdul. This is the final for the year, obviously, and they’re bringing in a special guest for the night, B-Boy & DJ, Forrest Getemgump who plies his trade with Harlem with Harlem as his home base. Or home bass. Whichever.

JBExpect this to be a good one for various reasons, not the least of which is the expected set of James Brown music, which I’m sure will be a fitting tribute to one of the best entertainers of the 20th century.. RIP James. It’ll never be as funky again. Do yourselves a favor and experience the tent-revival feel of this video, where he tears the absolute shit out of “Prisoner Of Love” and “Please Please Please” when he was at his zenith. You’ll be a better person for it, I promise. If it doesn’t give you the chills, well, there ain’t no hope for your soul. Believe that.

Saturday, December 30
Get Hip PRE New Year’s Eve Bash, 9:00 p.m., Rex Theater, Sahsside
Pittsburgh Indie label Get Hip Records (I dig) throws a huge show at the Rex, with bands, DJs, giveaways, and all for 7 bucks. A bargain at twice the price. Go out and support your local music scene. And get blasted. Both of those things.

bands making the music include The Cynics, doing an unplugged set, Mondo Topless, Rainy Day Saints, and Creatures of the Golden Dawn. You’ll also get spintasticness via Dj’s Gregg Kostelich, Sean Grogan and John Doran w/special guest Mark Jerson. Go and be blown away by the Majesty. Or so I’m told.

Sunday, December 31
Noon Year’s Eve, 11:00 a.m. (I’ll explain in a second), PPG Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo
So ok, it’s called Noon Year’s Eve, and it starts at 11, but that’s ’cause it’s a countdown to noon, see? Ahhhh, I get it now. Right. You know, for kids!
They’ll have DJ’s, the kids can make noise makers (with which to make noise with) and party hats (with which to hat party with) and enjoy live performances by the Disney Dancers. They even have a special ball drop, which I’m pretty sure is like the Times Square thing, not like that time your mom finally took you to the doctor in fifth grade and he prescribed “jumping up and down on one leg for a few minutes a day and that thing’ll descend sure enough.”

First Night Pittsburgh, 6:00 p.m., Cultural District, Dahntahn
Family Friendly! So I prolly won’t be there! But still!
Anyway, the Cultural District fills up with “an eclectic showcase of live music, dance and entertainment”. This is also the debut of what they’re hoping will be a new Pittsburgh Traditionâ„¢, the raising of a lighted ball.

Hold me, I’m a-twitter.

Ok, fine, I understand. And I’m all for getting new things started, I’m just saying, I would’ve liked to have seen something a bit more original, like, I dunno, at midnight, we don’t make a left in front of oncoming traffic right when the light turns green, or perhaps something along the lines of we don’t slow the F*#@ down going into a tunnel. Or how about the school buses actually obey the traffic laws the rest of us have to, like staying out of the left lane when they’re not passing anyone on Washington Boulevard past the pseudodrome

But hey, there’s one tradition I’ll always stand behind and that’s overly-extravagant fireworks, and whaddya know! They’ve got ’em at First Night. It’s a great event, a fantastic alternative to getting blitzed. At some point, yeah, we stop doing that, usually when we can start claiming “dependents” on our taxes. So if that’s you, by all means, check out First Night Pittsburgh. Buying a button gets you into everything, I’m pretty sure, and you can pick them up at The Box Office at Theater Square or at participating Gi’nt Iggle locations.


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Git Aht! – Things To Do This Weekend

(Things to do while packing the moving van for Kansas City…)

Friday, December 22
(First off, Happy Birthday to Mom of Git Aht, who turns sixty-three celebrates the 33rd anniversary of her 30th birthday today. And I’m sorry for almost everything, especially that time when I was pulled over in Malibu and I said that Mothers are responsible for all the wars in the world. I mean, I might’ve been drunk at the time, okay?)

Bled Zeppelin, 9:00 p.m., RPMs, Bridgeville
I know someone who was thinking of naming their dog “Zoso” because it was black, and “Black Dog” was on Led Zeppelin IV, which is also known in some circles as “The Zoso Album”. To which I say, why limit yourself to just that album, even though it has that particular song? Open the idea up to the entire body of work, say I. Which is why I think the dog should be named “Physical Graffiti”, although I understand that could present a problem when you’re trying to call it back into the house after a midnight pee break or yelling at it for chewing your good shoes. Whatever.

Bled Zeppelin, Pittsburgh’s premier Led Zeppelin tribute band, (ok, so… I dunno how many of those there are, really, but ok, that’s how they bill themselves, I’ll go with it) are playing down at RPMs in Bridgeville. And if that wasn’t enough, the opening band is a Who tribute band called Substitute, who look really tall but, y’know, their heels are high.

Saturday, December 23
Festivus, 8:00 p.m., Quiet Storm Coffee House, ‘Sliberty
festivus_patron_saintYeah, they’re doing it and yeah, it’s the whole magilla: the airing of grievances, feats of strength, and the Festivus Pole. Also appearing, the Leonard Cohen Ensemble, Paul Labrise and the Trees, The Wakes, and Heather Meloy.

Don’t, uh, y’know… bring up Kramer or anything.

Sunday, December 24
bobby_bacala It’s Christmas Eve. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, find an Italian.

Then ask said Italian if you can go with them to wherever they’re going for Christmas Eve, because you’ll eat seven kinds of fish, and they’ll all be wonderful. Trust me.


Image credit: G. Cioffi

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has read this weekly posting of where to get drunk, or where to see cheap movies, or where to eat and drink free at art gallery openings, or what bands to see, or love letters to Sienna Miller, or whatever. I appreciate any and all feedback, and I occasionally get it – the bruises are just starting to fade, actually.

I love finding things to do here that might be slightly offbeat, that are hopefully interesting, that are sometimes the kind of things that might not occur anywhere else… It’s why I love Pittsburgh.

I also want to thank Lindsay and Natalia for giving me the sandbox to play in. I deeply appreciate it, and I greatly admire the two of you and the work you do. Keep it up.

Best holiday wishes to you all.


Got an event planned? Would you like a whole flock of yinzers with disposable income to show up? Let Git Aht know by sending the electronic mail to

Does anyone know where I can find an old working laptop?

Ever since I heard a friend tell me about how her family makes gifts for each other each Christmas I have been bugging my family to adopt this fun holiday tradition.  My entire family has vetoed this idea but I am on a quest to make most of the gifts this holiday season.  One of my gift ideas requires me to take apart an old, but working laptop.  I cannot tell you what I am going to make because I know the gift recipient reads this blog.

So after visiting the Goodwill Computer Shop and calling the computer recycling place.  No luck.  I ventured into the basement at my mom’s house to dig out my old trusty Compaq Laptop where half of the keys don’t work (you don’t really need a space bar to communicate effectively).  No luck.  My mom “thinks” she might have given it to Construction Junction.

So now I am on a mission to create this project.  It is no longer about the gift, which I would still like to complete by Sunday, it is about finding an old working laptop.  I know there have to be some, somewhere in this city,  So if anyone has any ideas on where I could locate one of these laptops, please share.  It can be as old as Windows 98, the battery doesn’t have to work.  One of those old Apple clam shells would be great.  I don’t have much money, looking to spend less than $30.  But I do have t-shirts for whomever can help me locate one of these.

Aquanet and Acidwash

I found this fun event is Mama Spell’s e-newletter. This looks like a great time for a great cause, PERSAD

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 7pm-12 am
Mama hostesses
Aquanet & Acidwash Benefit for Persad Center
at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 6300 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
As the holidays draw near, we wanted to remind you that nothing says “I Love You� like tickets to Aquanet & Acidwash, Pittsburgh’s biggest, gayest dance party. Sure diamonds are nice, but can they take you back to a time when wearing Jordache jeans was like totally rad? Or maybe a time when fantasizing about Shawn Cassidy was completely normal? No, probably not. Give them the gift they really want. An excuse to tease their hair and be 21 again. Quantities ARE LIMITED! Get some today. Any questions or comments feel free to email us or check out the website at We also need lots of help getting ready for the party so if you’re interested in volunteering,please let us know.

It Ain’t the Mall!

If you want to do some holiday shopping without putting another nail in the planetary coffin, check out Equita, Lawrenceville’s newest boutique for ethically-minded shoppers. Located at 100 43rd St., inside the Ice House artist studios, Equita sells all kinds of fair trade, green, and organic goods, from clothing to housewares to food items. I scored a great gum-making kit for a 9-year-old for less than 15 bucks! For more info on how Equita came to be, hit up this article from Pop City.