Girls Night In

Because it's always fun to follow up posts about pristine urban forests and turn-of-the-century folk art with one about ... sex toys (teehee.) Girls Night In is a Pittsburgh-based retailer dedicated to "a feminist vision of sexuality and exploration." I mean, come'on, ladies (and gentleman.) Aren't we sick of the parties with overpriced candles, kitchen supplies and tupper ware? Girls Night In can help you host parties showcasing sex toys, videos and books in a relaxing, non-intimidating, … [Read more...]

Beechview – Seldom Seen Greenway

The Seldom Seen Greenway is home to over 90 acres of undeveloped land in the city of Pittsburgh. It's located off Route 51, near Saw Mill Run Boulevard. It is directly across the street from Brashear High School - right below Beechview and Mt. Washington. Seldom Seen was actually a small village annexed by the city of Pittsburgh in 1924, and until the 1960s, the area was populated by a few families and farmhouses; families raised their own chickens and canned their own fruit. As … [Read more...]

John A. Hermann Memorial Art Museum


When we think of Pittsburgh museums, we think of the Carnegie, the Warhol, the Heinz History Center. But there are other small, neighborhood museums that have amazing art and historical collections. Take the John A. Hermann Memorial Art Museum in Bellevue. The museum holds over 1000 paintings, as well as ivory and bronze pieces. Hermann (1858-1942) was a millionaire who was also a painter; he never sold a painting, yet he desperately wanted to be recognized for his art. Today, according … [Read more...]


Ever since I posted about WYEP being a great public radio station, I felt guilty. Why? Because I listen to WRCT 88.3 probably just as much as I do WYEP. Why? Because where else can you hear Democracy Now, Japanese experimental music, the Saturday Light Brigade, yiddish hip hop, and excrutiatingly geeky analysis of R&B lyrics? WRCT is the radio station of Carnegie Mellon University. It is located in the basement of the CMU University Center and broadcasts from Warner Hall. The station run … [Read more...]