Weekend Wrap-Up

Alrighty, so it’s 5am on a Sunday morning in the Blitz and even though there’s about 20 hours left to go, I feel inclined to write a weekend wrap-up. Forgive me. I hope every ‘burgher, be they resident, transplant or visitor, had a wonderful holiday.

Here are 3 things I am thankful for this weekend:

1. The downtempo playing at Tuscany Cafe (in the South Side on Carson St.) on the weekends. Smooth. I don’t know why more of you aren’t there on Saturday night! 😉

2. The only graffiti in the women’s bathroom in the Shadow Lounge which reads: “You are infinitely beautiful.” I mean, it’s bathroom graffiti.

3. The ice sculpter we met today at 4am in Tom’s Diner on Carson in the South Side. He specializes in Indian weddings and the goddess of love. (Sorry, we didn’t get his card. But he wears Steelers gear and hangs out at Toms. ) This ice sculptor also moonlights as a chef, and told us about a tasty appetizer: deep-fried bananas … wrapped in bacon. (!) (Yes, this was revealed without any prodding from me.) We’ve got some fascinating folks in this town, I am telling you.

Thanks for a fun weekend, PGH!

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  • bkinger

    There's downtempo in the 'burgh?! I didn't know pittsburgh knew what beats are. i'll do my part to spread the word support the scene!