The place for Sunday brunch

When you think of the finest in Pittsburgh cuisine, you tend to think of delicious foods that go straight for the old ticker. Perogies and onions dripping in butter, sandwiches stacked six-inches high with fries. You probably don’t think of organic vegetarian fare served up on thick painted glass inside an antique store. The Zenith Café on 26th and Sarah in the South Side serves up some amazing grub. Sunday brunch done right. For 10 bucks, you get a choice of entrée, coffee, and access to the buffet. My recent Zenith experience was all about their egg and veg creation. Not sure what it was but damn was it good. Now there’s all sorts of stuff on the buffet, but the cake and pie selection is phenomenal. Vegan chocolate cake, peanut butter pie…

So the food is amazing but the vibe is what makes the place. I recently brought an out-of-towner to Sunday brunch and we sat at a table with four others. We shared eggs with two artists, a computer engineer, and bartender/singer. Good people, some hilarious stories, and helpful info (I learned about Free Ride — a non-profit recycle-a-bike shop in Point Breeze.).

Yeah, Pamela’s knows pancakes, and the egg sandwich at Ritter’s is immortal, but Zenith is worth a visit. Go there once and you’ll be back.

Check out their website at

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  • Lindsay

    I heart Zenith – this brunch is amazing !!! Too much food. Evne though we arrived at 2pm – which is too late for brunch at most Pittsburgh establishments – there was tons of food- good food that is good for you. I really liked the icing on the cakes. My burrito was great. The chocolate cherry bread was also amazing. This brunch is well worth the $10. Thank you to Natalia for dragging me there.

  • The Zenith is awesome! I've biked there from CMU for lunch. I love the fact that it doesn't seem like a restaurant at first but more like an antiques store. I highly recommend this place!