The Squirrels in Squill

Ever wonder how the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill got its name? According to the Squirrel Hill Historical Society: “Before the advent of the Europeans, Squirrel Hill was a wilderness area used as an Indian hunting ground. During the 1760’s, Squirrel Hill was a pioneer farming community that also included Indian traders. Its main attraction was […]

Your vote can help the Steelers beat Green Bay

Show your support for the STEELERS! It only takes 5 seconds & end world hunger Go to and vote for the Pittsburgh Steelers! This year, two NFL teams will earn donations of Campbell’s soup to the food banks of their choice. For the team with the most clicks, Campbell’s will get the stats for […]

The place for Sunday brunch

When you think of the finest in Pittsburgh cuisine, you tend to think of delicious foods that go straight for the old ticker. Perogies and onions dripping in butter, sandwiches stacked six-inches high with fries. You probably don’t think of organic vegetarian fare served up on thick painted glass inside an antique store. The Zenith […]

Weekend Wrap-Up

Alrighty, so it’s 5am on a Sunday morning in the Blitz and even though there’s about 20 hours left to go, I feel inclined to write a weekend wrap-up. Forgive me. I hope every ‘burgher, be they resident, transplant or visitor, had a wonderful holiday. Here are 3 things I am thankful for this weekend: […]

Bloomfield Sandwich Shop

On Tuesday, a friend) and I were wandering around Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield looking for some ice cream. Instead we ended up at The Bloomfield Sandwich Shop for some scrambled eggs and toast and homefries. And good conversation. And friendly people. All for only $1.99! Breakfast is served all day, and it’s so cheap, you […]