FROZEN Oct. 27 – Nov. 13th

Barebones productions is a Pittsburgh theater company started in 2003 to bring more to the Pittsburgh theater community.

barebones productions returns with its most challenging play to
the Pittsburgh premier of the Tony Award winning FROZEN, by Bryony Lavery

Frozen follows the stories of a murderer, his psychologist, and the mother of one of his victims in an effort to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse, and change– after acts that would seem to rule them out entirely. [Read more…]

Nov. 12 11am-7pm Handmade Arcade – Unusual craft fair in Pittsburgh, PA

Handmade Arcade — Unusual craft fair in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is a lucky to have Handmade Arcade. Brooklyn and Chicago were the leaders in these DIY (do it yourself fairs) and now Pittsburgh has its very own venue to buy local handmade goods.

Visit the website
and make sure to stop by Construction Juntion on Nov. 12! A huge thanks from I heart PGH to the great people that make Handmade Arcade a reality in Pittsburgh.
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Pitt Telefact

Wow. I learn new things every day. The other day, someone told me about Telefact, a service provided by the students at the University of Pittsburgh. Apparently, it’s like google from your phone. These students can provide any piece of information, from who originally sang your favorite cover songs, or obscure sports facts from the 1960s. A couple of friends tried it, and whaddya know, it works.

Just call 412 624 FACT for your trivia and others requests.

I don’t know if this service is specifically for the university community or for Pittsburgh at large. Does anyone know anything about this?

t-shirts are here

Now you can wear your love for PGH all around town. We also have some tote bags too!

The catalyst for all of this Pittsburgh love started back in the fall of 2002 during some drinks at the lava lounge. my old freind Brooke and I decided that PGH is way better than NYC and that we needed I heart PGH t-shirt.
Over the years we have printed many an I heart PGH shirt ourselves in my basement (which my sisters now call the sweat shop because I made them hold screens).
So 3 years later we still love PGH and people are still ordering t-shirts from our old website. So now we finally set up a little shop with cafe press so you can order some shirts and tote bags and actually get them in a timely fashion!

It is our hope to soon make the t-shirts right here in the PGH and add more great designs.

Wild Turkeys

breathtaking majesty.

Some days on my way to school, I am lucky enough to see a bunch of turkeys bopping around on the side of the road. They are very cute and make me smile. Take that, Manhattan!

I was curious as to what a “flock” of turkeys is called, and so I found this handy dandy website:

“Benjamin Franklin wanted wild turkeys to be our national symbol instead of the bald eagle. He felt that the stately, majestic qualities of the wild turkey would make it a fine symbol for the new country.

“Most people are familiar with the term “flock of pigeons” and even “gaggle of geese,” but did you know that a group of turkeys is called a “rafter”? And baby turkeys are called poults.”

You can see a happy, safe rafter of turkeys at the South Park Nature Center in South Park, PA (about a 20 minute drive outside the city). The Nature Preserve also has pheasants, ruffled grouses (our state bird!), peacocks (which make the weirdest noises ever) deer, and … buffalo! That’s right, buffalo. You can attempt to feed the animals grass and seed without getting your hands pecked or bitten off. It’s pretty fun. The Center also has nature programs incorporating the trails, streams, and other resources of the park.

Check out other nature programs at Parks in Allegheny County here:

Hmm. I still haven’t found out why I only see turkeys in the fall. What are they doing during the rest of the year? Hiding? Mating? Sleeping? Any turkey experts in the audience?

Directions to the Center:
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