WYEP – 91.3 FM

Thanks to WYEP, I can’t listen to commercial radio anymore. And that’s a good thing. The station is listener supported, and they play a mellow, interesting mix of new and old music. I have to admit that sometimes the station gets a little too folksy for my tastes, but they also take requests. When a friend from out of town visited me, he was amazed to hear Johnny Cash played up right against the Pet Shop Boys. Bands I have heard about through ‘YEP through the years … [Read more...]

Be our friend!

I heart PGH is on friendster Just log in to Friendster search for I heart PGH, and invite us to be your friend. first name: I heart PGH last name: Pittsburgh Please leave us a testamonial about why you love PGH! What is friendster? An online community where you can link to other friends and see who is friends with who, an online version of 6 degrees of separation. … [Read more...]

Urban Hike – did you know Pittsburgh has an urban horse farm?

Yes, there is an urban horse farm and many other unusual things in this city that one would not expect to find in a city. About once a month or so, some of the folks from Ground Zero (http://www.gzpgh.org) plan a walking tour of a different city neighborhood. One does not need to leave the city limits to find some interesting things. They have covered some of the hidden neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh. The hikes are free, just show up and you are guaranteed to meet a great group of … [Read more...]

The Union Project

The Union Project On the border between East Liberty & Highland Park at the corner of Negley and Stanton is the community center that the community built. For the past 4 years volunteers have been working to restore and remodel an old deterioating church in to a useful, attractive and modern community center. Rather than hiring someone to restore the stained glass windows the Union Project has offered stained glass classes and the students have done the work of repairing the windows. The … [Read more...]

Joy to the ‘Burgh: Three who boomeranged back inject energy into their neighborhoods

Here is an article from Today's Post-Gazette about 3 residents that left and came back to living in Pittbsurgh. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05262/574086.stm Joy to the 'Burgh: Three who boomeranged back inject energy into their neighborhoods Monday, September 19, 2005 By Diana Nelson Jones, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Every city neighborhood has its advocates. They go to the meetings. Neighbors ask them what's going on. They got the new signs, the new lights and gathered the litter … [Read more...]