The Beehive
is probably where we first started talking about I heart PGH. This little gem of a coffee shop just keeps getting bigger and better. This was probably the first of the independent coffee shops in Pittsburgh and it continues to be a popular one.
3 reasons why I like the beehive
1. Free Wireless
2. Independently owned
3. They will make me anything I ask for (aka one of the only places to get a smoothie that is not just sugar water and ice)

Yes – we know that sometimes the staff here has a reputation for being too cool. However after spending much time here we have found most of them are pretty nice people.

If you are looking for a place to get a snack and work on your laptop – make this your desitination

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Lindsay has been writing about Pittsburgh for as long as she has been blogging - but fortunately there are lots of great things about Pittsburgh to share. She likes pretzels from the Pretzel Shop on Carson St., used book stores, her rollerblades and she hopes to learn to skateboard someday soon. Lindsay is also working on BlogLocal which is building a map of blogs with local content.
  • jessi

    Quiet Storm in Friendship on Penn Avenue, in my opinion, is better than the Beehive. Same type of place though. Quiet Storm has amazing food as well as a decent cup of java.

  • Lindsay

    oh yes the quiet storm is great.

  • Lando

    Just be prepared for the clouds of cigarette smoke produced by all the "geniuses" who hang out there.