Iconography Class with Immanuel Icons Studio Starts February 7

a little icon of Saint Veronica (Photo credit - Immanuel Icons Facebook page)

I have been meaning to write about these iconography classes ever since I met the artist last year at the PULSE Alternative Gift Market.  There was also a recent gallery display of incredible iconography during the last First Fridays on Penn avenue.  Artisan hosted a show of works by the Russian Icon painter Simeon Larivonovoff.  I've included a short documentary about Simeon Larivonovoff below. I really enjoyed seeing these icons and reading more about the process.  Even if you don't have an … [Read more...]

Emergency Toy Drive – Late Sunday Update #PGHSavesXmas

1am - Mission Accomplished

I have never loved Pittsburgh more.  Today, and really all weekend - I've seen the best of what Pittsburgh has to offer.  And, I didn't even have time to watch the Steeler game. Less than 60 hours ago - I put out a call for help on Facebook.  And Pittsburgh - you have stepped up in ways I could have never imagined.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  We aren't done yet - but I want to tell you what the volunteers accomplished today. First of all - THANK YOU to everyone who has … [Read more...]

Emergency Toy Drive – How You Can Help


Update Sunday 12/21 8pm: We still need your help.  This am we identified 500 more kids that need toys. Here is how you can help: Donations will also be accepted at Most Wanted Fine Art at the Waterfrontfrom 12-5 PM (They are opening just for this so disregard the website.) Volunteers needed in Garfield 11-4 to help sort & distribute. Drivers needed to be on-call during these hours. At least one trip from Waterfront to Garfield around 5 PM. Donations Most Needed At This Point - … [Read more...]

Chipped Ham Pink is Now a Nail Polish Color


I've been working on a blog post about some great Pittsburgh Christmas gifts, but a tweet came across my radar with a Pittsburgh product that is probably worthy of its own blog post.  Chipped chopped ham is a distinctly Pittsburgh lunch meat.  If you didn't grow up in Pittsburgh, and you aren't familiar with the chipped chop ham or ham barbecue - head over to the chipped chopped ham Wikipedia page for a full education.  The fact that chipped chopped ham has its own Wikipedia page should be an … [Read more...]

CHS Gift Project Party @ Houghs – Will YOU Help Us Reach Our Goal?


UPDATE: If we raise all $5000 by 8pm 12/11/2014 - I'll buy your first beer at Hough's tonight. Get the details here.  Today, Thursday December 11, 2014 is the party for the CHS Holiday Gift Project at Houghs.  I am not yet ready to celebrate because we have only raised 20% of the $5000 needed for 2014.  While I look forward to drinking a beer with you this evening, I'm more interested in making sure we turn that 20% into 100%! Click here to donate $10 to the 2014 CHS Holiday Gift … [Read more...]