The Northside: Neu to me

Interior view of the Neu Kirche space. (Photo credit: Neu Kirche website)

The Northside hosted the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival earlier this year. As expected from preview press nights and word-of-mouth, the Northside proved to be a vibrant, bustling location for this innovative art-filled event. Between the great food and drink from East Ohio Street establishments - including Max’s Tavern, the Park House and Arnold’s Tea Room - and the open-minded people embracing creative happenings and impromptu street exhibitions, any and everyone involved will forever connect the … [Read more...]

A Visit to Rachel Carson’s Other House

Dr. Diana Post standing where Rachel Carson had her desk. Post holds a framed picture of Carson sitting in the space more than 50 years ago. The hope is to make the picture a reality and restore this portion of Carson's office to the way she had it.

Pittsburghers celebrate Rachel Carson, famed scientist who changed lives and how we look at the environment, as one of our own. Honors don’t get much bigger than having a prime bridge downtown named after you: Carson, along with Clemente and Warhol, make up our iconic Three Sisters bridges. There’s also a 35.7 mile Rachel Carson nature trail, and the Pennsylvania even named a state office building after her to house environmental protection and conservation departments. Carson was born on a … [Read more...]

The Oldest House in Pittsburgh is for Sale.

john woods house

Last Saturday, Urban Hike explored the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Hazelwood.  I have shared a few of the photos from the hike on Instagram and there have been several comments asking about the John Woods house. But this house! The John Woods house is the 2nd oldest house in the city. The house is owned by URA and is for sale. A photo posted by Iheartpgh (@iheartpgh) on Jun 22, 2015 at 7:38pm PDT The John Woods House has a long history in Hazelwood and is currently waiting for … [Read more...]



Three weeks ago, IheartPGH was featured in the Tribune Review's article about the #MySummerin5words - Tweets connect Pittsburghers with the world, each other in 5 words (Tribune Review, May 27, 2015).  It took me a few tries but here is how I summarized my summer in 5 words: Mon, Ohio, Allegheny, & Jail Trail #MySummerin5words #pghsummerin5words — I heart PGH (@iheartpgh) May 27, 2015 I also posted a tweet that sums up a Pittsburgh summer with 5 Twitter accounts: Here is how I'd sum … [Read more...]

Pitt-Starter: Robot Repair Shop at the Pittsburgh International Airport

robot repair shop

This summer, you might spot a white cargo van with NASA markings unloading some mysterious-looking technology at the Pittsburgh Airport. No, it isn’t partnership between CMU and NASA to explore the final frontier from Pittsburgh. It’s artist Tobey Fraley bringing back “Fraley’s Robot Repair Shop”. From 2011–2012, for 17 months, Pittsburghers and visitors were tickled by “Fraley’s Robot Repair Shop” downtown. The Lonely Robot waited for his human return, and Pittsburghers did their best to … [Read more...]